Cannon Rocks Homebuilders


Going Green

“For the environmentally friendly home owner we are experienced at and able to add many green elements to your home.  For example rain water harvesting, energy efficient lighting, solar water heating, insulation etc”

Water conservation:

Rain water harvesting

Grey water recycling

Management of storm waterbulb

Dual flush toilets

Low flow faucets

Water filtration systems


Energy efficiency:

Energy efficient lighting

Solar water heating

Building insulation


Use of building material and management of sites:

Use recycled material as much as possible

Environmentally friendly products

Consider and consult on re-using concrete materials for foundations so this reduces waste to landfill

Use engineered and durable products 

Use building materials, paints, sealants etc which do not contain and release contaminants

Ensure site clean and waste minimised, sorted and removed registered sites